2. Create a space

Create a space

Create a shared workspace for members of your organization to collaborate in.

Create a space.Create a space.


Spaces are isolated working environments in your organization. You might create multiple spaces to separate data pipelines by functional teams or by varyng levels of access restrictions to sensitive data.

Choose a data warehouse and storage service

Each space is connected to a data warehouse and a cloud storage service. When you create a space, Y42 automatically instantiates a Git repository that is ready to be used with these two external resources.

There are three sets of configurations available:

OptionData warehouse providerCloud storage service
AGoogle BigQueryGoogle Cloud Storage
BSnowflakeAWS S3
CSnowflakeMicrosoft Azure

Use BigQuery and Google Cloud Storage


Create a service account in Google Cloud

Required service account access roles in Google Cloud.Required service account access roles in Google Cloud.

In the Google Cloud Platform console, navigate to the "IAM & Admin" section and select "Service accounts". Grant the service account access to your project with the following roles:

  1. BigQuery Admin
  2. Storage Object Admin
  3. Storage Admin
Fine-grained access control

Add a service account key

Add a service account key in Google Cloud.Add a service account key in Google Cloud.

Select the service account and add a new JSON-formatted key. Next, upload the private key to Y42.

Choose a hosting location

Choose a location or region where Y42 will create a Google Cloud Storage bucket and a BigQuery dataset.


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