Ingest data with CData

Ingest data using CData

Extract and load data into a Y42 space's dataset or schema.


Y42 leverages CData (opens in a new tab) to ingest your data. For each data ingestion job, Y42 creates an instance of the CData Python connector (opens in a new tab). To do that, you will need to define two objects:

  • Source: For each CData connector you will need to create a source object. Sources provide metadata information about external data sources, such as table or column-level information.
  • Secret: Secrets hold information about authentication. When you set up a source, you don't need to worry about creating additional accounts, you can use your existing account with the data provider (e.g., username and password for database sources or an API token)

For a deeper dive into features of each connector, please refer to the individual documentation page for each source.


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