Sign-up preferences

Sign-up preferences

Who can sign-up for an account?

Manage who is allowed to sign-in into your Y42 org. You can choose between two options:

Anyone with an authorized email domain can sign up

If you chose this option, all users that have an email address that is associated with an allowed email domain are free to sign up for accessing your Y42 organization. This the option that allows for easy user management.

Only people that are invited can sign up

Regeradless of their email address no one can sign up to access your Y42 organziation if they haven't been explicitly invited by an Administrator to do so. This is the more restrictive option to allow for maximum control of the access you give to your Y42 managed data.

Allowed email domains

Users with email domains specified here can sign up automatically for access your Y42 organization. You can define multiple domains separated with " " (space). This setting is utlized by the sign-up option Anyone with an authorized email domain can sign up.

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