Access tokens

List available access tokens

This page shows you a comprehensive overview of all access tokens that have been configured for your Y42 Organization.

List and search for available access tokensList and search for available access tokens

You can sort and search for specific access tokens. All further options to create and alter access tokens can be found on this page.

Add a new access token

Click on + Add access token to bring up the configuration dialog. Give your access token a relatable name and define its expiration date. Click Create once you are done.

Create a new access tokenCreate a new access token

This will generate your access token and will prompt you with its associated secret token key. Copy and store this key.

Show access token secret keyShow access token secret key

Edit an access token

Once you have created your access token you are able to edit it and configure its respective access rights. Click on the ... icon to open the little options menu and select Edit.

Access token edit menuAccess token edit menu


You can change the name assigned to that access token.

Update the expiration

You can update the expiration date for that access token.

Access Control

Edit the rights and roles of an access tokenEdit the rights and roles of an access token

In the subsequent menu dialog you have the option to define the roles that access token can utilize on Org and Space level (for more details on the different roles Y42 offers, please refer to "Manage Users").

Shared with

You can configure which of the Org Admins has access to that access token. Doing so can increase your systems security and operability.

Chose whom to share this access token withChose whom to share this access token with

To allow another person to be able to view or configure this access token, click the Share button and pick them from the user list. They will show up in the Shared with list of this access token. After that, you can pick which role that person is allowed to employ onto the access token.

Delete an access token

You can delete an access token at any time.

Regenerate token

Pick the Regenerate Token to create a new secret key for that access token while at the same time invalidating the current key.

Regenerate an existing access tokenRegenerate an existing access token

Just like when creating a new access token, make sure to also store the newly generated key in a secure place.