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Preview local changes

Preview local changes

Preview local changes before committing and deploying them.

The Preview local changes drawer.The Preview local changes drawer.


Utilize the bottom drawer function to preview local changes.

Exploring the options

The Preview Local Changes menu offers the following functionalities:

  • Preview data
  • View the compiled query of your asset

Data query preview

Choose to either preview the first 100 rows or opt for a full preview, which materializes the previewed query as a table inside the Data Warehouse (DWH) with a 24-hour time-to-live period.

Data query options: first 100 rows or full preview.Data query options: first 100 rows or full preview.

Utilizing the full preview feature grants you the capability to apply filters across all rows, transcending the initial 100-row limit. This becomes possible once the asset has been materialized as a table. This feature is particularly useful for verifying specific row data against your expectations before committing changes and building your asset.

Data query filter in action.Data query filter in action.

Compiled query

In this section, view the compiled query utilizing the underlying data warehouse tables and views. Learn more about the naming conventions utilized for branches and assets.


cast(id as string) as product_id,
`year` as production_year
from {{ source('airbyte-postgres', 'products') }}