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Learn how to use Lineage mode.

Visualization of data movement in Lineage mode.Visualization of data movement in Lineage mode.


The Lineage mode is one of Y42's synced development modes. It shows relationships between all assets as well as their properties, making it easy to understand the flow of data in complex data pipeline architectures.

Navigate through Lineage

In your SQL statements, you use {{ref}} to reference your model assets and {{source}} to reference your source assets. These references form the lineage, which provides an overview of all assets and their relationships. To better navigate through the lineage, use the following three actions:

Search: Find an asset by searching for its name, type etc.
Filter: Set filters to sort assets by their type, tags, status, and connection type.
Data flow: Visualize the dependencies between the assets and see the flow of the data.

Modify assets with the integrated Data catalog

You can open the data catalog in lineage mode to modify assets without switching to the full data catalog mode. This way, you have a better overview of your asset's origin when defining your assets.

Visualization of data movements starting from a source asset.Visualization of data movements starting from a source asset.

Use Lineage mode

Use Lineage mode