Command menu

Command menu

Utilize the global command menu to speed up your workflow.

Global command menu (CMD/CTRL + K).Global command menu (CMD/CTRL + K).


The global command menu provides quick access to common actions required for building data pipelines. It is available in all development modes - Data Catalog, Code Editor and Lineage.

Keyboard shortcut

Launch the command menu directly from the keyboard using CMD / CTRL + K.

Command menu actions

Using the command menu, you can perform these common tasks directly from the keyboard:

  • Create new assets
  • Search for assets
  • Run Git commands
  • Switch between development modes
  • Refresh package dependencies
  • Show secrets in the secret manager
  • Open builds, notifications, or help

Keyboard shortcuts

Create new assets


Git actions

PullALT + P
CommitALT + C
Merge branchALT + M
Create branchALT + N
Switch branchALT + B
Show historyALT + H
Stash changesALT + S
Discard all changesALT + DEL

Query actions

Preview query or partial queryCOMMAND + ENTER
Compile query or partial queryCOMMAND + SHIFT + ENTER

On Macbooks, use the OPTION key instead of ALT.

Show packages in the UI

To show packages in the Asset List, Code, and Data Lineage use CMD + K > Install package dependencies (if you haven't installed any package dependencies yet) or Refresh package dependencies (if you have installed new packages and want to refresh the packages displayed in the UI).

Refresh package dependencies action

Within the command menu, you have the option to download or refresh the package content to be displayed in the Y42 UI. Y42 retrieves and stores the content in the dbt_packages folder within the file system.

Once in Y42, the entire package is parsed and visually presented within the UI, making it available across various modes including catalog, lineage, and code. You can even trigger jobs and explore the content of the package.