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Learn how to use Code Editor mode.

Data catalog mode.Data catalog mode.


The Code editor is one of Y42's synced development modes. It provides a familiar developer experience through an enhanced version of Code OSS, the open-source distribution of Visual Studio Code. Y42 leverages the autocompletion and autocorrection of sql and yaml code, by using the knowledge derived from the materializations of the assests. This goes goes beyond what a standard IDE can normally provide since it has no access to the data itself.


Autocompletion provides contextual suggestions while writing code. Y42 displays sql and yaml code terminologies, asset names and columns.


Autocorrection automatically searches for errors in your sql and yaml code and highlights them in red. This includes identifying syntax mistakes as well as incorrect references to assets that either don't exist or havn't been built yet.

Use Code Editor mode

Use Code Editor mode


Can I install plugins or extensions for the Code editor?