Git version control

Version control

Learn how version control works in Y42.

Version controlVersion control


This page covers the basics of using version control in your Y42 projects. The content is broken down into the following key sections:

  1. Commits: Understand what a commit is, how to create one, and best practices for writing meaningful commit messages.

  2. Branches: Learn about branches, including how to create and switch between them, as well as the branch naming conventions proposed by Y42.

  3. Merge branches: Explore best practices for merging branches, understand what merge conflicts are and how to handle them effectively.

  4. Stash changes: Discover how to temporarily save changes that you've made but aren't ready to commit just yet.

  5. Revert changes: Learn how you can revert changes in Y42.

  6. Repository options in Y42: Understand the two options available for linking a repository in Y42. You can either use a Y42-hosted GitLab repository, which is automatically provisioned for your space, or choose to connect your own repository.

  7. Y42 CI checks: Protect your main branch with Y42 out-of-the-box CI checks.