9. Navigate the Lineage mode

Navigating the Lineage mode

Using the Lineage mode to document our pipeline.


Let's step back and see what we've accomplished. With Y42's Lineage view, we get a clear, single-pane overview of our data pipeline. It shows how each part of your pipeline is connected, the status of models, and relevant metadata. This helps us manage and comprehend our pipeline effortlessly, even as it continues to grow.


Using the Lineage mode

  1. Switch to the Lineage mode in the top left corner by clicking on the Lineage dropdown
  2. Take a look at your pipeline, you should see your three source tables generated using the Google Sheet data loader and the stg_orders and stg_payments tables.
  3. Click on Show Columns (4) in the stg_orders node to view all table columns.
  4. Open the Catalog sidebar on the right to view more metadata.
  5. Verify the status of the model
    • Click on the No Status dropdown in the top right.
    • Select Verified

Commit your changes

  1. Click on the Commit & Push button at the top
  2. Add a commit name: verifying stg_orders table
  3. Click on Commit
  4. Wait for the pre-configured checks

Up next

Now that you understand how to utilize Lineage mode for a comprehensive visualization of your entire data pipeline, let's add the last part of our pipeline.