1. Create an organization

Create an organization

Create an account for your company or team.

Create an organization.Create an organization.


A Y42 organization is typically a company-wide entity. After creating an organization, you will be able to invite team mates and assign them access control roles. Within your organization, you can create multiple spaces to work with your team mates collaboratively.

Organization name

Choose a name for your organization. You can change an organization's name later.

Organization URL

Your organization will be accessible via a stable organization URL. It consists of a base URL prefix, followed by a string of your choice, e.g.

Invite code

As Y42 is currently in a closed beta stage, you will need to provide an invite code to create an organization. To join the beta program waitlist, please visit (opens in a new tab).


I didn't receive an invite code. What should I do?
How do I join an existing organization?