Build the DAG

Build the DAG

Execute assets in DAG order.


The y42 build command materializes and tests assets in DAG order for selected assets or the entire space. The command supports asset selection syntax and various flags for customization.


Assets have to be committed first before they can be built.

Run the Y42 build command

Run the `y42 build` command

Selecting assets to build

By default, y42 build executes all committed assets in the space. However, you can select a subset of assets to include in the build DAG using the --select and --exclude command flags. When used in conjunction with graph and set operators, these options allow you to actively select and exclude specific assets, enabling you to perform targeted execution of Y42 build tasks.

Anatomy of a build command

Build command

Command flags

  • --select / -s
  • --exclude
  • --stale

Graph operators

  • + selects parents or children
  • @ selects children and all of its children's upstream assets
  • +N selects parents or children up to N edges away
  • * selects matched assets within a directory


  • source: selects assets that depend on a specified source
  • exposure: selects parents of a specified exposure
  • tag: selects assets that have a specific tag

Set operators

  • space-delineation - selects union of options
  • comma-delination - selects intersect of options

y42 build --select model_1+


What mode does the *y42 build* command trigger?